Tik Tik Rattle

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Product Colours Wood (Multicolor)
Size / Dimension 16 x 8 x 8 cm
Age Category 1 Month +
Unisex Boys / Girls
Weight 250grm

Additional Features

Happy Bear - Tik-Tik Wooden Rattle for Baby, Infants. New Born Babies Toys for 1+ Months - Multicolor - Discover attractive Sounds, Develops Sensory and Auditory Skills. Eco Friendly Toy made from 100% wood.

  • 100% Handmade, Wooden Maraca Rattle for babies. Handmade by recognised Artisans.
  • The Wooden Tik-Tik Rattle is a multisensory toy that stimulates the sense of touch, sight and hearing in infants. They help sharpen the response to sounds, improves hand-eye coordination, rhythm, improves vision, tracking skills and gross motor skills, as infants try to reach and hold the rattles.
  • Wood has Natural ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIMICROBIAL properties making wood a superior choice for New born Babies.
  • Rattle toys are inspired by Montessori teachings. Each toy doubles as entertainment and skill-building.
  •  Non-Toxic, Child-Safe, High-Quality wood, Handmade with a smooth and safe finish which makes it a perfect  for newborn babies. Suitable for small hands of the baby.
  • It is handcrafted by Famous Artisans with a safe Medicinal wood - Wrightia tinctoria. We use only vegetable dyes and water-based paints and beeswax for our polish (no lead or other toxics)
  • This can be a fantastic gifting option for newborn babies.

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