Air Hockey

Happy Bear - Electric Air Powered Hockey, Table Indoor Sports Gaming Set with Equipment Accessories 2 Paddles, 2 Pucks - 63 Cms

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Product Colours Wooden (Multicolor)
Size / Dimension 63x33x10.5 cm
Age Category 2+
Unisex Boys / Girls
Weight 5 Kgs

Additional Features

  • PORTABLE FUN: Everyone loves air hockey, but not everyone has the space to keep a full-sized air hockey table in their home. With the light weight, table top air hockey, you are able to transport the fun anywhere you go!
  • EASY PUCK RETURN AND SCORE KEEPER: Easily keep track of the action with the sliding score keeper, located on each side’s goal. You will never have to stop your game to search for the puck after scoring with the easy puck return technology.
  • REAL AIR FLOW: The air motor in this tabletop hockey toy makes the puck hover and glide across the entire playing surface, which makes your game even more thrilling. The puck slides around the board, making every tournament an action-packed experience.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: The Toyshine Air Hockey Table comes with an Adapter, so that you can play it without any batteries. Materials: Wood. Board Dimensions: Shared in Product Images. Puck Diameter: 1.5 inches. Hockey Paddle Diameter: 2 inches.
  • EXCELLENT CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: When it comes to our mini table top air hockey boards, we make a point of using nothing but premium high quality durable hard wood and modern production processes, so that they meet your highest standards and they can last you a lifetime!
  • Made in India

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